What's Included in Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation involves only the minimal services required.
When you choose this most basic cremation option, the following services will be provided:

- Local transfer of remains from the place of death to our facility
- Services of our funeral director(s) and staff
- Obtaining the necessary authorizations
- Local transportation of remains to the crematory
- An alternative container for cremation
- Return of the cremated remains to our facility
- Release of cremated remains to the next-of-kin or informant

What are the Additional Benefits of Direct Cremation?

While the low cost of direct cremation is certainly a benefit, and for many it's the primary benefit; there are others you should also consider. When you select direct cremation for a loved one (or as part of your pre-arrangement planning):

No embalming is required. Since there is no public event, such as a viewing or funeral service, where the body will be seen by family members and guests; there is no need for extensive body preparations.

The purchase of a casket is unnecessary. The body is cremated in a simple cardboard container, rather than a traditional casket. And the money you save can be used to purchase a more appropriate cremation urn in which to safeguard your loved one's cremated remains.