The Living Urn - Erie County Cremation Service
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How it Works

Step 1:   Purchase Your Living Urn® and Select Your Seedling (or baby tree)

Step 2:   After you receive The Living Urn®, fill the Bio Urn with the cremated remains of your loved one (or, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, we can fill the Bio Urn with the remains for you at Erie County Cremation Service)

Step 3:   When your tree seedling arrives, follow the planting instructions provided with The Living Urn® to plant a living memory. Pour the proprietary RootProtect™ ash neutralizing agent on top of the cremated remains; then, place the soil mix and wood chips on top of the neutralizing agent.

 ...and plant - it's that simple!  

A beautiful memory tree will then grow and keep your beloved family member's memory present in your life!


Our Commitment to the Environment

The bio urn and planting system is comprised of only the highest quality eco-friendly materials and components. The proprietary BioUrn® is 100% natural and biodegradable, made from recycled plant-derived materials using only water, heat and pressure and is completely free from glues or toxic binding agents. Even the outer shell packaging is handmade from natural bamboo, a sustainable resource. We take great pride in using only environmentally friendly materials and processes. 


Seedling vs. Seed

While other product options may provide a tree seed with their urn, this method can be complicated and cumbersome. Seed germination can be a challenge and have a high failure rate. We feel strongly that successful tree growth is of paramount importance, and that our loved ones deserve the very best. For this reason, we take great pride that we provide only premium seedlings, or baby trees, which are directly from the Arbor Day Foundation's nursery and ready to be planted and grow successfully with the Living Urn®!